Friday, July 21, 2017  


Braces by Dr. Beth


by Deb Weissler

With a plethora of TV commercials expounding the virtues of healthy teeth and whiter smiles, you might think having an appealing smile is a trapping of modern society and, although the term extreme makeover is a modern cliché, oral makeovers are far from new, for even ancient man longed for straight teeth.

Archeological findings of mummified and skeletal remains have turned up crude metal bands wrapped around teeth. Ancient Greeks and Romans used oral appliances and we’ve all heard the tale of George Washington’s wooden teeth. From ancient man to Ugly Betty, man’s archetypal view of a mouth full of metal has caused millions of children and adults to shudder, but recent advances in orthodontia have changed all that and in our area no one knows this better than Dr. Beth L. Faber of Faber Orthodontics.

Dr. Faber completed her undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary with a double major in Chemistry and Psychology. Following graduation, she completed four years of dental school, graduating from the Medical College of Virginia. From there she elected to specialize in orthodontics and spent two years in advanced training in orthodontics at the University of Detroit. Following her residency in Toledo, Ohio, she opened her own practice in Tappahannock and six years later a second office in Kilmarnock.

Utilizing her years of training, knowledge, and experience, Dr. Faber and her knowledgeable staff understand the trepidation new patients feel when they first walk through their office doors. With a warm, welcoming smile, Dr. Faber
customizes a program guaranteed to minimize the time and discomfort each patient experiences while in her care. And with advances in technology, treatment options have never been gentler, or more effective.

Through the use of SureSmile® technology, Dr. Faber offers a quality “braces experience” with shortened treatment times, less discomfort, and fewer office visits, something appreciated by patients and parents alike. SureSmile® utilizes robotic technology to shape and refine hardware for each tooth. When the wire is inserted, each tooth moves individually and directly to the prescribed position. It’s this precise movement that gets such great results.

Some patients experience dramatic results with Invisalign®, a series of custom molded aligners that can be removed while eating and drinking, as well as when brushing and flossing. For looks-conscience young people it’s the best of both worlds—therapeutic and practically invisible.

However if you think braces and aligners are just for children, think again. 20% of Dr. Faber’s patients are adults. In fact her oldest patient is in her mid 80s! It seems you’re never too old to think about a healthy bite and straight teeth.
“Orthodontics for seniors can improve their ability to clean their teeth, put their bite in a different place to prevent tooth loss and other problems,” explains Dr. Faber. “We can even work around crowns and bridges if need be.” A bad bite can ultimately lead to gum disease, tooth and bone loss, jaw problems, and headaches.

At your first visit to her office, a complete medical/dental history is established, an x-ray of the entire bite is taken, and the teeth and face are digitally photographed. Dr. Faber performs a thorough orthodontic exam to develop a custom treatment plan, specific for you. Fees are explained and flexible payment options are detailed. Your time commitment is outlined with a thorough discussion of appointments and how long they take. Treatment options and costs vary, depending on the severity of the patient’s problem and desired objectives.

Dr. Faber’s two-phase treatment not only encompasses tooth straightening but addresses the facial changes that will likely occur. The ultimate goal is to achieve a healthy, functional, esthetic result that will remain stable for a lifetime.
As with most treatment options, certain foods must be avoided while teeth are undergoing re-alignment. Chewy, crunchy, sticky food, hard nuts and candy, and foods that must be bitten into like corn-on-the-cob and apples are taboo until treatment is complete. But that leaves lots of tasty, healthy options and your teeth will be better served. The Faber team also utilizes written and on-line instructions and videos to guide you in the care of your teeth and appliances; from daily care to temporary repairs should something go awry after office hours.

As an active member of her community and current president of the Virginia Association of Orthodontics, Dr. Faber recognizes the importance of family. Her own children are graduates of UVA; Michael a hedge fund manager in NYC and Allison currently working on her MS in Midwifery. With strong ties to their community, Dr. Faber has established the Faber Orthodontics Scholarship Program that helps defray college costs for eligible graduating high school students. A $1000 scholarship will be awarded on a competitive basis to graduating seniors from the local area each year.

So put yourself and your teeth in good hands by scheduling an appointment at Faber Orthodontics with Dr. Beth for a simply spectacular smile.