Friday, July 21, 2017  

Researching Your Home's History

“If only the walls could talk!” Owners of old homes sometimes wonder out loud about the mysteries their homes could reveal if the house could actually speak to them. In fact, owners refer to their homes as historic homes because the homes each have their own unique past. Patrick Henry...

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Invitations for All Seasons

One of my favorite parts of hosting a party is creating just the right invitation. Whether it’s fun and flirty or stylish and sophisticated I think of it as the prelude to my event. Forget the boring fill-in-the-date card. I want an invitation that shouts, “This party will be fun!”

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Brick: Style & Quality

In one form or another, brick has been around for thousands of years. It has evolved through the centuries to become one of the most durable building materials ever made. Interestingly enough, it is believed that the very first brick made for the English Colonies, in 1611-1612,...

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Revere Gas: Warm, Clean, Comfortable

Picture this: The 1930s, after World War I, electricity was being introduced to rural communities in Virginia. People were beginning to gravitate towards electricity due to convenience, safety and cleanliness and away from burning wood. However, there is a problem. Electricity is...

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Building Green: One Couple's Passion for Protecting the Environment, Part 2

My husband, Judd, and I are now in the fifth month of the construction of our green home. We’ve been slowed by rain and snow, but the progress is good and the learning process of green building continues. In the first article, we discussed the building “envelope.” In this article we...

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Designing the Perfect Playroom

Playrooms are ideal spaces for encouraging children’s creativity, providing them with the stimulation they crave and helping them create a connection with others. The great news is that you don’t have to build an addition onto the house or set aside your family vacation fund to create...

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The Northern Neck Master Gardeners

Trained and supervised by Virginia Cooperative Extension and the land grant university of Virginia Tech, Master Gardeners are the homeowners’ arm of the extension office. With offices in the Lancaster Court House; Lancaster County, Heathsville; Northumberland County, Richmond and...

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The Family Maternity Center of the Northern Neck

The Northern Neck is a special community. The land is filled with rich farmland, aromatic forests, spectacular waterfront, charming towns and an extraordinary connection to the past. Its population is not unlike other populations, with peoples of all backgrounds and occupations....

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Here They Come, Walking Down The Street

When the long, dark days of winter have us pining for spring, thoughts turn to the first crocus peaking through the hard earth, to robins pecking the grounds for worms, and to smiling people in royal blue tee shirts swarming all over Essex County. You may have noticed by now that...

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Chronicles of Urbanna: The Lamp Posts, the Winter, and Walesa Point

At Walesa Point this December, you may have felt like Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy did, having free reign at the Professor’s enchanting house in the English countryside. You could touch the faux-fur blankets, the quilted drapes, the lovely towels, and the new leather chairs. You...

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Tappahannock, Virginia: Her early “historie” and present day offerings

For hundreds of years, before Captain John Smith and his small band of explorers set sail up the Rappahannock River during the winter of 1607–1608, Tappahannock had already been home to a vast and diverse Indian population. During his travels here, he discovered an assemblage of...

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A New Website Dedicated to Your Home

The House & Home Builder website takes the pages of the House & Home magazine and helps you turn your dreams into your home. The custom builders, contractors, and products are of the highest quality and most up to date in the area. You will also find green builders, green products and...

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