Wednesday, August 16, 2017  

Turney & Turney Designers/Builders, Inc.
Building Your Dreams, One Home At A Time  

We all know it takes a family to make a house a home. Nobody takes that more literally than the family owned and operated Turney and Turney Designers/Builders, Inc. Rick and Susan Turney and one of their sons, Matt, have been building custom homes and remodeling existing homes in the Kilmarnock area for over four years after relocating to the area from Richmond.

Interestingly enough, Rick Turney was following his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps early in life to become an attorney. After planning on law school, there was still a yearning deep inside of him to follow a different path. He changed directions and moved on to work different venues. Turney held various sales jobs and eventually settled into building sales. After years of learning all the ins and outs of the building trade, Turney answered his calling and opened his own construction company in Richmond in 1989.

It was not long after doing so that he was hired by Susan to remodel her home in Richmond for herself and her sons. Turney does work with architects, but he has always had a talent for design. Turney attributes this to his mother’s artistic genes, she loved to paint water colors and was a talented artist. He designed Susan’s renovations himself. Not only did he complete her home to her satisfaction, he also completed her heart. They were married in 1991.

Their son Matt grew up reading blueprints. He graduated from college with an Economics degree and returned home to Richmond to join Rick’s business in the middle of the housing boom. So began his future with the company.

The family moved to Kilmarnock, from Richmond, over four years ago. One of their first projects in the Northern Neck was a 4,000 square foot home on Indian Creek that Rick designed, which sold to a couple from California. He designed the house to take advantage of a lovely point of land and to maximize the views. While building other homes and renovations, they also built a home for themselves, their showcase home. This is the home that has some of the beautiful upgrades and design details that Turney and Turney show prospective clients. Turney’s vision when beginning his business was to build homes that are both practical and luxurious.

Dealing with a family owned company gives the client an early sense of trust. Rick, Matt and Susan are hands on with each client through the entire building process. They feel it is necessary to get acquainted with each client so they may better understand the entire families needs. Communication is the key when designing precisely what each homeowner desires. The company is in constant contact with homeowners throughout the entire process so that they may build a personalized design that each client is looking forward to live in happily ever after. Rick states, “It is important to us all to develop trust and to demonstrate integrity in every project. Over the years we have gained a full understanding that our reputation is our most valuable asset.”

Turney and Turney guides their clients from the very beginning to the final touches of each project they partake. In the beginning, it may be explaining the various options open to each family for their remodeling or home building project.

Rick enjoys designing renovations and new home plans but does have architects in the area he recommends to clients. Upon completion, clients will have a lovely home or renovation that is an extension of themselves and capable of fulfilling their needs as a family with future growth in mind.

The fact that Rick and Matt are on site just about every day is very comforting to all their clients. It shows that they are dedicated to get the job done and want to get it done right. Turney and Turney guarantees they will have your home built (up to 4,000 square feet) and handing you the keys within six to nine months of breaking ground.

Turney and Turney does all of their own framing and custom trim work to perfection. Being onsite each day makes it easy to answer homeowners questions. They believe that further customization can occur during the building process and changes are often requested. That is no issue, there is no contractor, no “boss” to track down to get the OK from. Matt is in charge of the framing and trim and he is right there, explaining the pros and cons to the homeowner on the spot and following through with the requests and last minute changes with ease.

Rick Turney absolutely hates wasted space in building plans. His ideal is to maximize every square inch of living/storage space and use it to it’s fullest potential. He has been known to reconfigure hidden/wasted space behind walls or closets into anything from built in shelves, new closets, even small rooms out of space he finds. “With renovating an existing home, the imagination is really put to the test as you try to preserve the old, mix in the new, and add the true hidden potential that lies inside every home,” Rick adds.

The company works with very reliable, talented and knowledgeable sub-contractors to complete each project with professionalism. They utilize the expertise from all the subcontractors and suppliers in regards to the best possible materials they use for all projects, whether a remodel or new construction. It is for these reasons that Turney and Turney has been proudly renovating and building homes to clients satisfaction for over 20 years.

“In being a family owned and operated company, we can ensure quality control and expertise in the building process and the outcome of all of our projects,” states Susan Turney. The company understands that building a new home your family may live in for many decades is not only a major undertaking, but you, the homeowner, want it to be built to perfection. Turney and Turney is the builder that can guide you through the process of building your dream home. Susan says, “In the end, all that matters is that you aren’t just satisfied with your home but extremely impressed with the ease and overall outcome of the entire process when dealing with our company.”

Turney and Turney Designers/Builders, Inc. is a member of the Rappahannock Home Builders Association and they service the entire Northern Neck and surrounding areas. Rick Turney is a member of the Rotary Club and also participates in the Habitat for Humanity program. The company is a proud member of the Green Builders Association which means they are educated in building or remodeling projects that are safe for the environment and energy efficient. The builders and sub-contractors are up to date on any type of windows, doors, insulation, even paint, which is environmentally friendly. They are even capable of updating older HVAC systems to make them more eco-friendly and can explain the quality and safety of engineered septic systems.

Turney and Turney Designers/Builders, Inc. is based in Kilmarnock and can be reached at 804-435-2767 or by email at randsturney@va.metrocast.net. Visit their website www.turneyandturney.com for more information and photographs of previously built and remodeled homes. From massive renovations to remodeling single rooms, no job is too big, too small or too elegant.