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Window Boxes

Have you ever driven through the suburbs and been frustrated by neighborhoods that look exactly the same? A whole row of condos or houses, all in white or gray, and they stand solemnly looking like Mr. Potato Head without any of his appendages. Do you wish you could just drive by and...


Mark-Haven Beach

Without a doubt, there cannot be found among us one who does not have at least a few stored memories of happy times of the yesteryears. Assuredly, there are many still residing in Essex County, many in the immediate surrounding areas, and indeed, some in localities of afar who can...


Good Fences

In 1914, Robert Frost made famous the phrase “Good fences make good neighbors” in his poem “Mending Wall.” His subtly humorous poem reminds us that we often perpetuate tradition without questioning why we do certain things, such as the New England practice of mending a stone wall...


Mosquitoes and Ticks and Chiggers, Oh, My!

Remembering Dorothy, the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man, chanting “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh, My” while skipping down the yellow brick road seems a far reach from July and August in Virginia with BUGS!! But maybe not! Not too long ago we were inside the house, with cold winds, dry...


Kinsale, Virginia

Kinsale Virginia is one of those special places in our rural tidewater land and waterscape that has retained its ages old appeal—but don’t let its gentle and easy nautical feel fool you. This is one amazing little village on the Northern Neck that has stood the ravages of two wars and...


Soft Shells and Sharp Eyes

Rays of reddish pink magically prepare to illuminate the morning sky casting an eerie glow on the wheat stalks standing watch from the farm across the road. Two massive St. Bernard dogs lazily raise their heads in approval as their master quickly makes his way along the dark well worn...


Turney & Turney Builders/Designers, Inc.

We all know it takes a family to make a house a home. Nobody takes that more literally than the family owned and operated Turney and Turney Designers/Builders, Inc. Rick and Susan Turney and one of their sons, Matt, have been building custom homes and remodeling existing homes in the...


Roma: Ristorante Italiano

Who would have thought a random stop in a local parking lot would lead to the birth of a Tappahannock legacy. Almost 35 years ago, Filippo Giambanco and his eldest son, Anthony, were driving from Brooklyn, NY to Petersburg and stopped in Tappahannock to rest. The two were on the way...


A New Website Dedicated to Your Home

The House & Home Builder website takes the pages of the House & Home magazine and helps you turn your dreams into your home. The custom builders, contractors, and products are of the highest quality and most up to date in the area. You will also find green builders, green products and...

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