Wednesday, September 20, 2017  

Old River Cabinets
A New Way of Doing Business  

“There is no magic formula to the success of Old River Cabinets,” says owner Victor Morrissette. “We simply work hard and build the best cabinets in the nation.” While other cabinet manufacturers are selling the customer what they have, Old River Cabinets has decided to build the public what they want. This is their definition of “custom” promising that every one of their customers will be 100% happy with their project, no matter what.

Old River Cabinets uses the very best American made materials for their cabinetry. They use their own employees for every aspect from start to finish. Victor says, “We won’t sell it, unless we install it.” His reason for this is to ensure that you get a perfect project every time. To make sure of this, Victor has his cabinet builders do the installations. He promises that you will be happy at the end of your project no matter what.

First Contact
This new way of doing business starts from the moment you walk into one of Old River Cabinets’ five showrooms. You are greeted by beautiful kitchen examples in many different styles and finishes. From classic looks, to contemporary you can get great ideas for your kitchen from just the showroom examples. Next you will meet a Design Consultant. The Design Consultant will walk you through the showroom pointing out the different aspects of each of the sample kitchens. In many cases, you will see items you have never even imagined for your kitchen in a fully functional environment.

Once you’ve walked through the showroom, you can spend one to two hours with the designer if you have the time. If you plan on meeting with the Design Consultant, make sure you bring your kitchen dimensions with you to the showroom. The Design Consultant will ask for the dimensions of your kitchen, and for pictures of what you like. They encourage you to bring in as many pictures and design examples as you can find. Once you go through your kitchen ideas, the Design Consultant will work with you to draw your dream kitchen right there in the showroom. Each Design Consultant has their own computer, and they draw your kitchen in 3D while you are there working with them. By doing this, you can make changes instantly with the Designer all in this one meeting. When you finish going through your kitchen design with the Design Consultant, you will leave with a full set of 3D drawings and a quote for your kitchen. They even encourage you to take this packet to other companies for a comparison.

Choosing Old River Cabinets
Owner Victor Morrissette says, “We build the best cabinets in the nation, and we can prove it.” And prove it he has! Victor personally invites you to come out to his factory in Amelia, VA to see for yourself why Old River Cabinets is the best.

Now when Old River Cabinets says you are getting a custom cabinet, they truly mean it. Every door style they offer is the same price. This includes inlays as well. You can also take pieces of any door they have, and add it to your door to create the exact look you want to achieve, and you guessed it, at no additional charge.

At Old River Cabinets their top drawer is at least 1 to 1½ inches deeper than the industry standard. This allows you to store larger items, such as a dipper or a box of sandwich bags, in their drawers without any issues when it comes to opening and closing the drawer. If you are getting a stain finish on your cabinets, rest assured the Old River Cabinets is doing it the right way. They hand rub all of their stain finishes in a two-part staining system. This eliminates fogging and allows for a deep consistent color every time.

Construction of Your Project

Once again, Old River Cabinets sets the standard when it comes to customization during the construction of your project. Before your cabinets go into production, you are welcome to come out to their factory and pick out the wood that will be used to build your cabinets. This allows you to get the specific look that you desire.

Old River Cabinets invites you to come see your cabinets throughout the construction process. If you see something that you are not satisfied with, bring it to their attention and they will take care of immediately. As you will notice when you come to visit the factory, all the cabinets that are built have your name and the cabinet makers name on every piece constructed.

Not only has Old River Cabinets come up with a new way of doing business when it comes to customer satisfaction and design, they have changed the way custom cabinetry is built. In their 167,000 square foot factory in Amelia, VA they keep their lumber in the same facility that they do their manufacturing in, allowing it to sit for 30 days before being used. This allows Old River Cabinets’ wood to acclimate with all the other pieces that are used in the cabinet.

To create solid wood parts, Old River Cabinets has developed a new process that allows large panels of lumber to be created. Thus, giving the end result a consistent and beautiful look throughout the cabinetry. Once these panels are created, Old River Cabinets cuts out the pieces for a project from the panel. Once again, creating a consistent look for the cabinet. Nothing at Old River Cabinets is constructed before being sold. Each project is built individually. They custom design, custom fit and custom build each piece to the exact specifications in order to utilize every inch of space that you have.

Throughout the construction of the cabinets, each piece is hand sanded to give it the perfect fit and perfect finish in your cabinet. Each piece of cabinet is hand inspected for smoothness and fit before going through the finishing line.

Once the cabinets are hand inspected, Old River Cabinets sends your project through their ½ mile finishing line. Each piece of your project goes through the finishing line at the same time in order to provide the consistent colors you want for your cabinets. While your project goes through the finishing line, they send in over a million cubic feet of filtered air per minute over the parts. This allows the finish to cure properly while ensuring there are no contaminants under the finish, and that nothing gets on the finish, thus providing the best finish in the industry. All of the air is filtered again before being exhausted.

Once your project has gone through the finishing line, Old River Cabinets applies the hardware by hand to ensure proper fit. After the hardware is installed, they wrap your cabinets in blankets, load your cabinets into their delivery truck and head out to personally install them.

Installation and Problem Resolution
As you might imagine, Old River cabinets has a new way of doing business when it comes to the installation of your cabinets, and for resolving any issues that may arise during the installation.

At Old River Cabinets, they use their cabinet builders to do the installation for your job. They will tell you that the installation usually take one to three days, and about two to three weeks for the entire job to be completed.

Old River Cabinets makes sure that you know they will be back two or three times after the installation to make sure everything is perfect. Owner Victor Morrissette believes, “If anyone tells you they will not have to come back, they are not being realistic or they do not stand behind their product.” He also adds, “In the construction business some things do not go as planned. If a dimension was incorrect or if a piece was damaged, Old River will replace the part or piece immediately.” This eliminates any delays in the installation process. He says the company’s motto is to just do it now.

Warranty and Becoming Part of the Old River Cabinets Family
Once your cabinets are installed, you have become part of the Old River Family. To prove this, owner Victor Morrissette gives you his personal cell phone number.

He wants you to know that no matter what you will be happy, even after they are done with your project. If something happens at a later date, Old River Cabinets will make sure you are taken care of and fully satisfied. If you want to add another piece of cabinetry or an accent piece at a later date, they can color match the new piece perfectly because of their process. Once again, providing a new way of doing business in an old industry.

Owner Victor Morrissette has created a company on the cutting edge of cabinetry. With their new approach to customer interaction, to their astonishing factory and family environment after the sale, Old River Cabinets set themselves apart from every other cabinet builder out there. Driving home the point that owner Victor Morrissette says, “We are the best, and we can prove it.”