Thursday, July 20, 2017  



8th Annual Preakness Party

Now in its eighth year, the Preakness Party was located at Historic Gascony on Mill Creek in Northumberland County, Virginia, farm home of Senator and Mrs. Paul Trible. The purpose of the party was to raise money for the Rappahannock Community College Educational Foundation (RCC/EFI). Each year, RCC/EFI awards scholarships that help students excel, and provides funds for creative projects and innovative programs not fully supported by state allocations.

Attendance and donations also help support academic courses and community continuing education opportunities, higher education for twelve counties on both the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula, the only local college campuses within a 3,000 square-mile area, and access to higher education via scholarships as Virginia state funding shrinks.
The mission of RCC is to promote personal growth among students and prepare them for success as learners, professionals, and citizens by providing quality educational experiences.
Attending the Preakness Party was a pleasant way for guests
to help RCC fulfill this mission.

Pictured: Historic Gascony, farm home of Senator and Mrs. Paul Trible; View of the event tents from the house on Mill Creek; Left to right: Carolyn White, Carole Croxton, Betty Gregory, Senator Paul Trible, Mrs. Rosemary Trible, John Gregory, Bill Croxton, Gregory White; Left to right: John Pender, Gidget Valadez, David Valadez.; Joan Sumner, winner of the grandest hat competition, proudly displaying her hat with friend Loretta Haynes; RCCEF staff member Leslie Franklin helped Ms. Barbara Wells with her auction winnings; Ed Fuehrer and Joanne Walters enjoyed the days events including tastings from select Virginia wines from local Belle Mount and Ingleside Vineyards and a live viewing of the Preakness Stakes; Lancaster Tavern’s Brenda Lee Jackson, son Travis Norris (right) and friend Ryan Caudle (left). Tempting Taste Treats were prepared by award-winning chefs from RCC’s list of “Order of the Five Gull” restaurants and served to guests at the party; Friends Ceah Cawthorn and Jody Amglin used the festive occasion to spend quality time together in support of local education; Marlene Howard, Junell Haskins, and Delores Herald of the Nubian Hatters showed up in high fashion wearing their red hats as proud women of the Red Hat Society.

All photos by Kate Tressler.