Sunday, July 23, 2017  

Goodman's Interiors: Beautiful Living from Yesterday and Today


Goodman’s Interiors is a specialty home and outdoor space design center located in Historic Gloucester Courthouse on the Middle Peninsula. The store boasts more than 8,000 square feet of showrooms filled with period antiques, colonial reproductions, mid-century modern, and contemporary furniture. With a vast selection of crystal, china, sterling silver, silver plate, fine linens, art, nautical antiques, and patio furnishings, Goodman’s Interiors is a mélange of upscale treasures that embrace shoppers from the moment you step in the door.
The store’s owners, Alan and Lisa Goodman, started the business shortly after moving to Gloucester County in 2002. Gloucester Courthouse was a perfect choice to place a retail store with its historical significance and charm. The couple saw an opportunity to bring quality home furnishings to the area with an emphasis on presentation and price. The concept of an upscale environment where people could not only shop and purchase lovely items, but could also sell their own treasures soon evolved. Although Goodman’s Interiors is not a traditional consignment store, there is ample opportunity for a consultation with their knowledgeable staff about items that a client might like to sell.

Alan and Lisa bring years of experience and expertise to the process of acquiring and retailing fine furniture and accessories. The vast majority of merchandise on display at Goodman’s Interiors is obtained from clients that are changing decor themes, down-sizing, or moving. Realizing that disposing of one’s personal possessions can be fraught with emotions, Goodman’s Interiors makes the process of selling easy and seamless, including free pick-up. Precious metal, coins, and jewelry purchasing is also available in a private and safe environment with state-calibrated scales.
Goodman’s Interiors has home furnishings that appeal to many tastes. Trending Mid-Century Modern, made so popular with the television series Mad Men is one of their hallmarks. The Danish bed seen on season seven of Mad Men was purchased from Goodman’s Interiors by the show’s production company in Burbank, California. This retro style is appealing because of its minimalist approach, and the high tech society that exists today finds this style edgy and clean.
Of course, as with every style, there is always a generation that loves revisiting popular trends from the past. The fascination with antiques and period pieces is also coming back into vogue. The popularity of television shows such as Antiques Roadshow and American Pickers have brought antiquing into the American living room. Goodman’s Interiors has a large and constantly revolving inventory of period and primitive antiques. Several pieces featured in the movie Lincoln, which was filmed in Richmond, were purchased at Goodman’s Interiors.
Lisa and Alan have seen an increased interest in traditional home furnishings such as china, crystal, and silver. The current trend is seeing a re-emergence of dining with fine linens and silver flatware. The return to dining and entertaining at home has brought renewed interest in vintage table and cocktail items. Bar items from the forties and fifties, along with tea services from a variety of eras are huge favorites.
Eclectic home decorating has opened the door to individualized style and taste. Many customers purchase items from Queen Anne, Regency, Art Nouveau, and Federal styles and blend them to suit their own preferences, using texture and color as cohesive bonds. Buyers of fine furnishings are no longer expected to remain within the confines of one particular style or period.
The magic of Goodman’s Interiors is that there is an option for every budget. Decorating one’s first apartment or coastal beach dwelling, selecting the perfect wedding gift, or adding a rare coin to your personal coin collection, there is something for everyone. Goodman’s Interiors is providing the furniture for the Christopher Newport Alumni House that Rosemary Trible is decorating.
Goodman’s Interiors also has an entire selection of “project” pieces; items that may need a coat of paint, stain, or new upholstery. With all of the wonderful “do it yourself” programs and tutorials available on television and online, many people are testing their skills at transforming home furnishings and breathing new life into otherwise discarded items. Re-purposing and recycling are key ethical topics with Lisa and Alan. “Society has become so disposable, and much of what is called trash can be re-used,” says Lisa. “With the loss of skilled American craftspeople and manufacturing, the furniture, silver, glassware, etc. that existed until the 1970s to 1980s are now becoming rare examples of this country’s heritage. These products will never be manufactured in the U.S. again and should be valued as part of our culture. Goodman’s Interiors takes pride in presenting these fabulous finds for everyone to purchase and enjoy.”
Goodman’s Interiors also has an online presence that includes eBay, Etsy, and a website. Each of these venues offers shoppers the luxury of perusing the store’s inventory without leaving home. As an eight- year top rated seller on eBay, Goodman’s Interiors can service all of your online shopping needs with world-wide, seven-days-a-week shipping. The trained sales staff can assist both online and in-store customers with details regarding price, construction, and history of all their merchandise. There is also an internet sales executive that can be consulted regarding shipping and freight.
For questions pertaining to furniture refinishing and restoration, there is an in-house restoration specialist. Guidance in the area of design and decorating is available through Goodman’s Interiors either in your home or in the store. These services will help the client make design choices that fit their lifestyle and budget. Delivery services are also offered at a discounted rate with in-house white glove service.
Visiting Goodman’s Interiors is a relaxing shopping experience in a beautiful atmosphere. Saturdays are always festive, with refreshing beverages and fabulous music to welcome shoppers. Alan, Lisa and their entire staff “family” strive to make every customer feel like a welcomed guest being accommodated with the finest of hospitality. The Gloucester Courthouse location is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from the hours of ten to five. Alan and Lisa are always available to meet clients at the store after hours by appointment. You may visit Goodman’s Interiors at 6871 Main Street in Gloucester, Virginia 23061 or call (804) 824-9383. www.goodmansinteriors.com.