Thursday, August 17, 2017  

Designing Women
Six Entrepreneurial Women Who Own Their Own Businesses Share Their Thoughts on Interior Design

Elaine Moore
Decorating Den

The principles of design are harmony, proportion, balance, rhythm and emphasis. Of them all, harmony is the most essential to a pleasing composition. The reason is that it creates a harmonious living space, which is what a good design is all about.
The definition of harmony is the pleasing and orderly arrangement of all design parts so that they form a consistent and satisfying whole. Because one of today’s strongest design trends leans toward eclecticism, creating a harmonious room design by mixing a variety of design elements is a wonderful option. While having a single element or two out of harmony with everything else in a room may give that room a distinctive and personal touch, having most of the major elements opposed to each other in mood, line and color produces confusion and an unpleasant sense of discord.
When you select different pieces of furniture for a new room, the sizes you choose can create harmony. When doing this, planning is the key. Another key consideration in creating a harmonious eclectic style is mixing periods and styles of furniture pieces. It will not only make for a more harmonious feeling in your room, but will ultimately create a more interesting decorating scheme. It is important to remember that when you decide to mix different periods or styles of furnishings, that your pieces all be in the same or similar mood—that is, either formal or informal, gay and frivolous
or serious, grand and formal.

Dorothy Fagan
Earth Sky & Water Collection

Artist designer Dorothy Fagan creates billowing clouds and sunset walks on the beach with her newly unveiled Earth, Sky & Water Collection. Her style is born right here on local beaches and riverside gardens as she paints en plein air. Back in the studio, she converts her paintings into designs for fabrics and walls.
Dorothy inverts the old traditional way of designing home. Rather than selecting art last to match furnishings; Fagan matches art to people. Then she uses natural linen, silk and cotton fabrics, wall coverings and highly pigmented paint colors to bring living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms into sync with their inhabitants.
“When we are in sync with Nature, we are like pups matching heartbeats with their mother,” explains Fagan. “We wake each morning able to go out into the world and thrive.”
A breath of fresh air, her Earth, Sky & Water Collection began with a walk on the beach with her dad and is now in showrooms in Richmond and Urbanna as Belgian linen sofa pillows, wall murals and fabric wall coverings. Coordinating fabrics suitable for side chairs and window treatments are printed on 50’ rolls in her Mathews studio. These include: Cottage Peonies, Barefoot in the Sand, Tide Coming In and Walk Before Dinner ~ all made here in Virginia, creating jobs for local women.
Lowe Tide in Urbanna is an Authorized Dealer carrying her full line of home décor, fiber and fine art. Signature palette of colors for walls, trim and furniture are mixed to order at The Rue in Richmond. Both showrooms can help homeowners and designers with fabric, paint samples, selections and ordering. Other dealerships may be found in AL, SC, MO, IA, MI, NJ, NH, AZ, MA. Visit www.dorothyfagan.com to get your creative juices flowing.

Nancy Myers
Interior Innovations

Many elements work together to create an exceptional  interior design plan. Critical to the whole would be integrated elements of design such as  balance exemplified by room arrangement, proportion and scale consideration in furnishings, color interaction in fabrics, wallcoverings, rugs and art, and very important expression of self through practicality and beauty in design plan. The execution of an Interior Design plan is everything when choosing furniture, floorcoverings, art, fabrics, and accessories. All of these materials can be exquisite, expensive, one of a kind, or unique but without good design they are only objects. It is the design that makes the interiors come alive, become welcoming, enable function in design, and allow expression of one’s self. In a nutshell, “The Difference is in the Design, and the Design makes the Difference!” With 30 years experience, Nancy is Member of IFDA-International Furnishings and Design Assoc. and IDS-Interior Design Society.

Terry Elbourn and Sandra Hudson
Bay and River Décor

The business name may be new, but Terry Elbourn and Sandra Hudson of Bay and River Décor in Kilmarnock are not new to the interior design business. Terry and Sandra have a total of 33 years experience in the furniture business. We have strived to not be “just another gift and furniture store,” but also a customer-driven store. Providing good customer service requires so much more than a friendly smile and greeting when someone enters the store or calls with a question; it is building a relationship with customers so we can actually assist them in making future purchases that are consistent with their wants and needs, and compatible with items they have already purchased. If we do our job well, we will also build lasting relationships with happy customers who gladly recommend us to family and friends. We take pride in our store and the merchandise we sell and we want our customers to be proud to display these things in their home. It doesn’t matter how big or small the purchase; we want every person to love what they buy. We want happy, loyal customers who also become our friends. We are known for selling every item right off the floor if necessary, or we can gladly do custom orders. We enjoy working with each client on a personal level to find special fabrics or furniture styles that fit their ever-changing lifestyles.

Traci Daniel
Design Cents

Design Cents was created from the love of design and decorating. The most beautifully designed rooms begin by getting to know clients and listening to their input. Success is achieved when a client loves the redesigned room. Color is the most important element of a beautiful room. Adding wall color and a great, unexpected piece of furniture, sometimes found at a bargain price, makes an outdated and boring room fresh and beautiful again. A great place to begin is to stand back and view the room as a black and white photograph, giving you a better idea of what is “off balance” in the room.
Design Cents is a new concept in decorating. Clients are offered the opportunity to see the newly designed and decorated room before the actual work begins. A computer visual program with wall colors, fabrics and furniture is presented to each prospective client giving them a “dollhouse” plan perspective for approval, changes and revisions. It’s wonderful to see a room transformed with new wall color, window treatments and furniture before making a commitment to any specific design plan.
Design Cents is filled with unique and one-of-a-kind treasures, it’s a wonderful place to shop and discuss your decorating and design needs, from one room to a total house remodel. Beautiful designer fabrics are offered at discounted prices and custom window treatments and upholstery are provided to add that special touch. While choosing your fabrics and furniture, take the time to browse the selection of beautiful home décor items, and find the perfect items to accessorize your beautiful new room.
Design Cents is a wonderful, unique new place to shop that offers an innovative approach at an affordable price for all your decorating and design needs.