Wednesday, September 20, 2017  

The Deck Division
Building Custom Decks You Dream About

When warm weather rolls around, its always nice to be able to have a pleasant space to enjoy the great outdoors with your family and friends. If you do not already have a deck, you may be thinking that you should. Or maybe you have one that has seen better days. What about a high end, custom built deck that fits your needs? Enter The Deck Division. If you are going to build a deck, why not make it the most that it can be? Bob Waring and Doug Gray can give you exactly what you need.

The Deck Division began in 2007 and combined, Waring and Gray, had over 17 years experience from the start. While Waring had been developing the fine art of deck building for several years prior, Gray had cut his teeth in the business by building docks and piers prior to this joint venture of deck building emerging. Their two businesses have melded together perfectly and they have numerous satisfied customers in the region.

Whether you have your own ideas and plans or you want them to custom design your deck, they can handle it with professionalism. Waring credits John Garrett of Virginia Building Solutions with getting him to finally jump in and start building decks for clients and not just friends. Waring said, “The first deck was a colossal one too, nine feet off the ground and still one of the three biggest we have ever built.”

Waring states that, “All of our decks are over-engineered and sturdy.” Safety is their number one priority. Waring realizes that backyard decks are usually the gathering place for get-togethers and realizes that many people socialize on them. His philosophy is to “Build it bigger and build it better.” To make this happen, the two have really refined their skills over the years.

The Deck Division usually installs the newer composite decking vs. pressure treated wood because homeowners of today are looking for the least amount of maintenance possible. Composite decking is a man-made material and is very low maintenance. It comes in different colors and is also scratch resistant. The usual upkeep is to pressure wash it at the beginning and end of the summer season. Waring says that “Higher end composites can have color variations that are integrated into them and result in a remarkable looking finished product, very polished looking.” On the other hand, pressure treated lumber should be stained and sealed. This will extend the life of the wood and aid in protecting it from environmental hazards, pet/child/furniture damage and normal wear and tear.
Besides composite decking and pressure treated lumber, Waring and Gray can work with iron woods also, such as teak and ipe. These exotics are naturally rot and insect resistant. “The iron woods create spectacular looking decks, especially the way we custom build them, picture framed, with moulding and hidden fasteners. But they do need annual maintenance to keep them looking their best,” mentioned Waring.

Each piece of lumber they purchase is green, it is wet, and needs to cure before use. All of the floor joists, which are the heart of the design, must be completely level before composite decking can be installed. Gray and Waring have spent almost an entire day planing the top of the joists to make them perfectly level after the weather has unexpectedly warped them after installation. They understand all too well the requirement of beginning with a level surface, especially since composite decking does not have the “give” like lumber does.

Any contractor can build a standard deck but The Deck Division goes ten steps beyond standard. All of their decks are custom designed for each homeowner to enhance their outdoor living. Each deck built is picture framed (single, double or triple framed) and this gives each one a personalized look. “We don’t have many end joints either, we use stiles, this is the reason for the picture frame construction,” added Waring. This means that there are not random length boards butting together, there is a vertical board in the middle and around the edges and the horizontal boards attach to them in the same lengths. This is just one aspect of deck construction that puts The Deck Division in front of standard deck builders. They also put extra time and focus into sanding and smoothing all picture frame flooring so there are no rough edges or corners.

Waring installs moulding around all the decks to give them a polished, customized look as well. He points out, “We add 2 member, 10” moulding underneath, as a fascia. This aids in covering up the bolts and gives each deck a finished crown moulding look, almost like the inside of your home.” They then add moulding around the entire deck to add to that look of sophistication. On all of the decks they build, Waring installs similar hardware homeowners would use inside their house, such as bronze hardware to attach the handrails or grab bars.

They use pressure treated wood railings occasionally, but prefer white or colored PVC railing. The PVC railing has aluminum inside and the aluminum stiffeners keep the railings from sagging. Wood railings are made in the workshop in sections, then carried to the jobsite and installed. “You will see no screws in our installed railings or top rails,” remarked Waring. “It just looks so much more attractive when the hardware is hidden.” They also router all of the handrails, grab bars and top rails, just like the flooring. The top edges and all corners are rounded and sanded. The same is done to any wooden bench seats that are installed as well.

The Deck Division also installs post caps on each deck they complete. Depending on what the client desires, they will install copper, wooden, stainless steal or solar light caps. Waring says, “This is the finishing touch, that along with all of our other special details, sets us apart from the rest and enhances our decks.” He is also experienced with installing low voltage lighting. “That just gives our decks that extra ‘pop’ when we install lighting under the steps or the built in seating. It is a spectacular way to highlight decks that get plenty of use in the evenings,” Waring pointed out.
In the near future the company will undergo a small revamping and become Coastal Impressions/The Deck Division, as light landscaping with palm trees will be integrated into their work. Down the road Waring would also like to branch out into designing and building outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits in order to add to his clients’ outdoor enjoyment. “We already do some light landscaping if we are asked to and I would like to expand on that as well. I’m dabbling with palm trees that are supposed to be acclimated to our weather conditions in this region,” Waring acknowledged.

When it comes to attention to detail and constructing the perfect customized deck, you will not find a more efficient and attention based company than The Deck Division to construct your new deck. They pay attention to every single element along the way and have honed their workmanship to near perfection. Please call 804-443-7347 to talk to Bob Waring and have him design your new
or next deck.