Friday, July 21, 2017  

Dreams Can Come True


Planning is the Key
Outdoor living spaces can be added to your home at any time, but the best and most cost efficient way to add aesthetically pleasing and truly useful outdoor spaces is accomplished with early planning. When you read that statement it may seem a “no brainer,” but David Barglof, the owner of MID Atlantic Enterprise says getting advice from a landscape architect is often left off the To Do List of people who are shopping for buildable land, a new home or thinking of remodeling an existing home. That’s unfortunate, because integrating the relationship between the interior and exterior living spaces, at the very beginning of any home building or home remodeling project, will assure you get the most enjoyment and the most beauty out of your property’s footprint and out of your overall construction budget. It will also help you think about your property in ways you may not have had the experience to consider. A landscape architect can help you avoid mistakes and, pun intended, expand your horizon, so you are aware of the latest innovations and trends and also learn about time-tested options. And, even if the immediate budget won’t allow all the features of your dreams, considering them early in a project can save a lot of waste and unnecessary costs later.

David Is a Skilled Listener and  Full of Open-ended Questions
If asked to describe MID Atlantic’s Design Team one word that would always come to mind would be passion. Every member of the team, which includes husband and wife owners David and Angela Barglof, and the firm’s architects, engineers, skilled construction team and support staff, radiates confidence and an energy that is palpable and sincere. On the day we met, after an initial firm handshake from David, he was down to business with an introduction of his Design Director, Adam Heath. Adam’s love of art and outdoor environments led him to study Landscape Architecture, and he continues to take courses in a variety of  applications that include hydraulic engineering, low voltage lighting and irrigation design. David and Adam are specialists in landscape and hardscape product innovations and animated as they discuss projects they are creating and in which they are applying the latest technology.

MID Atlantic’s years of experience is evidenced in the kinds of questions they ask – before you know it you are sharing your dreams of an outdoor-centered lifestyle, and they are showing you numerous options. The goal is to perfectly compliment your home’s interior and bring the outdoor spaces into conversation with the indoor spaces. As you talk they are selecting visual options that can bring your thoughts to paper and on-screen models.

Design Checklist
MID Atlantic Enterprise suggests clients start their project dreams with a visit to the MID Atlantic website. There you will find a design checklist, product lists, photo galleries and video clips of recently completed hardscapes, pools, sunrooms and home editions. You will also be able to get to know company employees and read about the numerous awards, such as 2012 Landscaper of the Year, they have won for great customer service and successful design projects.

Accountability Is the Bedrock for MID Atlantic’s Designs
Accountability is the critical bedrock for any construction project, and MID Atlantic’s comprehensive design and build services include: master plan design, erosion control, retaining walls and interlocking and permeable pavers. Building options include outdoor living areas and kitchens, sunrooms, pools, spas and endless water features. Popular fire feature designs include outdoor fireplaces and amazing fire lighting options - imagine bowls of fire gently lighting your patio and reflecting in pools of water. The company also provides landscape, green building advice, plant materials, low maintenance options and landscape lighting. Construction of structures such as pavilions, gazebos, sheds, decks, arbors, sunrooms and pool houses is performed by MID Atlantic, not a sub-contractor. These services start with concept drawings that include accountability-driven cross sections as well as realistic, color elevations. With computer aided design programs, the MID Atlantic Design team can show the client, with complete accuracy, what will be happening beneath the surface for the project’s infrastructure as well as a life-like image of the finished result.

A Boutique Contractor

“It sounds funny to say we are a boutique contractor,” says David, “but that is the culture that works best for our design team. Each client is unique, and we like to control the project from start to finish, so we are sure each project is tailored to the expectations and tastes of that client. We are a little bit obsessive about getting to understand the personality of the owner and making sure the materials they select really do reflect their taste, but while we are doing that, we also have the engineering skill to take care of things a homeowner doesn’t think about, such as the storm water management and runoff for that client’s property.”

Water Shapes
Frustration was the motivator that put MID Atlantic in the pool design business – and they don’t call them, pools. They call them, “water shapes.” Cookie-cutter aqua ovals with inflexible design matrix standards and flexible engineering tolerances did not meet the needs of MID Atlantic for their clients. So the company took control of that aspect of their business. MID Atlantic designers stay on top of the latest industry information and design those innovations into the projects. One innovation allows clients to keep the pool “open” year-round. Research shows that if properly engineered, it is actually more cost effective to keep the pool uncovered and systems active in all months. This does not mean the pool has to stay heated in winter, but water is circulated on a regular basis, light systems can remain active, and the landscape can remain beautiful all year round. Anyone who has endured their beautiful pool view transformed into a “green trampoline” for four months each year will find this an innovation to love.

Turnkey Makes Life Simple
A project that is controlled from start to finish by MID Atlantic often includes kitchen remodeling, or integrating some other part of the home’s main structure into the outdoor project, so the design flows seamlessly from inside to outside. MID Atlantic design services include a full team of carpenters, electricians and plumbers that can help a client realize their dream without having to become a sub-contractor for their own project. “Sometimes we have clients who want the concept of a pool house without the pool,” says David. “A hot trend in outdoor living is covered structures that can house game rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, ice machines and the like, but that are built around pavilions and plantings that connect the main house structure to the pavilion. Sometimes the water feature is a fountain or a shallow pond that’s main function is to reflect the surroundings and bring the sound of water into the environment. Other times the central focus for the pavilion is a fireplace or fire pit.” MID Atlantic can turnkey a project or work with a general contractor. “We are staffed to complete the full job or work to integrate the client’s dream for outdoor living into existing indoor plans.”

Before, During and After

The before, during and after photos in this article and on the MID Atlantic Enterprise website speak volumes about the types of projects that MID Atlantic client’s undertake. “There is really no good way with a computer design to show a client what the middle part of a project is going to look like,” says David, “so we like to keep a good photo log of our projects, so we can show project progression to new clients upfront. This helps them get prepared for the project, and also is good proof that the elevations that we show them on the computer screen really will be what they will see in their finished project – right down to the shrubs and flowers.”

MID Atlantic is in the Neighborhood
Williamsburg is fortunate to have this award winning design and building team conveniently located on Strawberry Plains Road, just off the intersection of Routes 5 and 199. The outdoor/indoor showroom offers tons of options, including an outdoor kitchen – and you are encouraged and welcome to stop by and try the kitchen! Bring a steak and cook your own lunch in this fully functional kitchen model – really. Another service-oriented feature is an outdoor scale which allows do-it-yourselfers and small project engineers the option of buying hardscape materials in any quantity. Just drive up, stack the stone you wish to purchase on the scale, and pay by the pound. It could not be easier. While you are at the show lot, you can see endless paver, brick and stone patterns for walkways, pavilions and patios. The indoor showroom, which is operated by their sister company, Harmonious Hardscapes, contains beautiful displays to help clients with the post-construction needs of outdoor life – including numerous U.S.A. made grill options, Sunbrella products, decorative objects, bird baths and gardening supplies and fertilizers.There is also a library of idea-producing trade publications.

An Award Winning Team
If you have been dreaming of a better lifestyle, you will find  an industry-recognized, knowledgeable and enthusiastic
team of listeners right here in our neighborhood at MID  Atlantic Enterprise.