Tuesday, July 25, 2017  

Sunday Supper: The Ward Family Gathers


Helen Ward gave up her living room years ago. Sure, there’s a room off of her kitchen where the family gathers. 

And there’s a TV and couch in there. But the stately dinner table – one that’s as equally grand as it is comfortable – takes center stage.

It has to.
Why? Sunday suppers.

For as long as anyone in the Ward family can remember, Sunday afternoons have been spent gathered around Helen’s dinner table.

Family. Friends. Loved ones. All are welcome and encouraged.

“It’s what we’ve always done,” said Aaron Ward, Helen’s oldest son who now runs the Wilton Cottage and Garden off of Route 33 in Hartfield, Va., which she founded inside the very building where her grandparents started a grocery store and post office in the 1930s. Aaron’s sister, Helen Elizabeth, also runs her fine foods and catering company, The Table at Wilton, there.

“No matter how busy we are, it’s what we always do.”

It’s important, Helen says, to reconnect with family. To break bread together. To take time to just be with those you love.
And when, as families grow and traditions like Sunday suppers stick, you can’t all fit around the table?

“We can make room,” Helen says, “There’s always room for one more at the table.”

Even if it means putting a dinner table in the living room.