Thursday, August 17, 2017  


How To Pick The Perfect Picture Frame


In your possession you have the perfect photograph or work of art; now you need the perfect frame to fit.


Frames do not take away from the picture, but instead they showcase it. Everyone has that one picture that they love, care for, and cherish; the best way to keep that memory frozen in time is by enclosing it with the right frame. If your picture is worth framing, then it is certainly worth going about it the right way. Searching for the precise picture frame may not be easy but well worth the effort. There are four important elements to think about before making the decision on your ideal frame.

The first is color; do any colors stand out the most in your artwork or picture? You want to try and grab the most prominent color that sticks out the most to you, so picking out a frame is one step easier.

Size is the next component to consider; getting a frame too big, or too small, could ruin your exceptional piece of art. You should ask yourself; “Do I want a very wide frame, or a medium sized, or even a dimensional one?” Too big of a frame will take away from your picture, also too small of a frame will look odd. You do not want your wall hangings to bring down your home, but to accentuate it. There is no better way to highlight your house then having just the right décor.

Thirdly, the glass is extremely important to critique because no one wants any glares, streaking, or blurriness in their picture, painting, drawing, etc. Believe it or not, glass does have a huge impression on your whole picture.

The frame shop you will be considering going to is also a very important factor to consider. Imagine if you had an expensive piece of art and went to a convenience store and purchased a twenty dollar frame. You do not want to ruin your masterpiece by buying a cheap frame. You will want to go to someone of expertise so that they can help guide you along in making your selections. Try your local framing shops or search the yellow pages to find the best skilled professionals.

Color is the first thing you really consider when decorating a new home or office space. People color their homes in ways that reflect their personalities and style. This is the same when you are picking a frame to match a picture. Pick a few colors that stand out the most to you in your picture, and then proceed to pick a frame that has those same colors to match. For example, do you see a color in the background that will really brighten the picture and bring it to life? It is important to choose a color that will balance the picture and turn it into great interior or exterior décor. Once you have found that perfect color, sample each one alongside your print until you decide which one is the most accurate fit.
Remember, black is always the safe way to go, but not always the best-looking. The bold color is a great choice for framing pictures or awards in an office or workplace, but not always a good pick when decorating your formal living room or stunning screened porch. Perhaps you may want to mix color shades or give your picture a 3D look by adding matting. Matting is used to guard and add to the artwork. The mat-board is located along the borders of the picture and under the glass. Some examples of matting styles are the following: square, oval, rectangular, diamond, cathedral, and heart shaped. There are many different styles to fit your personality.

Frames have the ability to enhance pictures, not hide them. Showcasing that one picture you love the most is the best way to enjoy it, and the best way to preserve it is by selecting the correct glassing that will safeguard it for years to come. The top two picks for selecting framing glass are conservation and museum. Conservation glass shields ninety seven percent of harmful ultraviolet rays, which causes fading of the picture. Museum glass is truly the best choice of glass because it is encrusted with a quartz-like substance that shields from almost all-harmful UV light; it is kind of like staring into a high definition image that has the most excellent clarity.

Size is significant to your eye-catching picture as well. You do not want to buy a frame that will swallow up your valuable photograph. When considering the size of your picture, narrow borders should be avoided because you do not want your picture looking dull or unexciting. The frame should always be a little larger so that it gives the picture another dimension. Try wider frames to encase the photo so that it gives your picture a sophisticated appearance. Make sure your walls make a positive statement about your home!

The framer is the most crucial factor to think about when finding the perfect picture frame. Again, you want a professional to help steer you in the right direction in your decision making process. Given that they are the professional, they will be familiar with any of your questions or concerns. Instead of going to a random store and selecting a simple frame by yourself; go to a skilled framer. Everyone needs to realize the importance of frames and framing glass. These things help preserve, protect, and showcase your beautiful treasures. Once you have your outstanding picture framed and ready to mount, remember that pictures are usually hung six to eight inches above furniture and other objects. You do not want to hang the picture too high on your wall so that is it out of view. Since everyone has a different eye level, make sure your wall-hangings are centered correctly on your walls.

Environment is essential when choosing a frame as well. It is wise to consider this before heading to the frame shop. Where will you be hanging your piece of art? Will it be inside or out; in a master bedroom or in a child’s playroom? These are some questions to ask yourself before even going to select a frame. You want to be able to match the furnishings of a room with the hangings on the walls. As long as you follow these easy tips, you should not have any troubles in selecting the perfect frame for you and your home. Next time you have a dazzling picture you want to display, remember these guidelines and end up with a perfect work of art for your home! 

By: Olivia Clark