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Urbanna, Virginia: A Big Little Town

Beautiful and quaint, the small town of Urbanna defines the comforting feel of returning home. When you round that last curve on Urbanna Road and see the river, the harbor, the masts clustered at the marinas alongside the bridge, it takes your breath away.


Preakness Party

Now in its eighth year, the Preakness Party was located at Historic Gascony on Mill Creek in Northumberland County, Virginia, farm home of Senator and Mrs. Paul Trible. The purpose of the party was to raise money for the Rappahannock Community College Educational Foundation (RCC/EFI)....


Outdoor Furniture: Boundless Choices

Whether you live in one of the many small towns found in this part of Virginia, in the suburbs of Richmond or Williamsburg, on a farm with vast acreage or a historic property—it is the time of year again for outdoor living and gardens! Now more than ever we are moving our most...

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The Quintessential Southern Porch: Where The Sweetest Memories Are Made

All of us, at one time or another, can recall timeless moments—forever etched in our memory— that took place on a front, back or side porch. Perhaps it was teatime at Auntie’s house, reading the Sunday paper over coffee, shelling butter beans with grandma, swinging to your heart’s...


Landscape Mistakes: How to Avoid And Correct Them

Every gardener makes mistakes. We are human and are good at them. Gardening has been described as always evolving. Fortunately for us we can make changes in our gardens and learn. Sometimes these mistakes are ones we create without full knowledge of the plants we are using...


Should You Install A Home Elevator

by Sue Walter Home elevators, once found only in the homes of the rich and famous, are becoming more common in general homebuilding and remodeling as baby boomers look at alternatives to keep them in their homes as they age. Ranch homes or other homes built on one level solved...


Community Supported Agriculture: A "Growing" Trend

Community-supported Agriculture (CSA) is an economic and social partnership between a farmer and the members of the surrounding community. It is a win-win concept that began in the early 1960s in Germany, Switzerland and Japan. Consumers and farmers came together to fund the full...


Kilmarnock Volunteer Fire Department Carnival

Warm and inviting a country summer breeze lightly stirred through the crowd carrying aromas of hamburgers, cotton candy, and popcorn. Strings of lights outlined the perimeter of the lot on Waverly Avenue. A sharp baton tap on the lectern drew immediate attention to the students on...


Alpaca Love

Alpacas are big on personality, versatile in farming and are in the beginning stages of making a huge impact in the United States. There are over 25,000 that have been imported into the U.S. since 1984 from the South American countries of Peru, Chile and Bolivia but as of 1998, all...


DeCor: Designing with Panache

It all starts at the front door. Enter DéCOR: Design Center of Richmond and the first impression is liable to be “WOW!” Designed to showcase the very best that Richmond area artists, designers, and contractors have to offer, the premise is pure eye candy for those who love beautiful...