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Expertly Trained Surgeon Returns to his Roots

“To me, there is no place like Tappahannock, I love the area, the people and the atmosphere. It made an impression on me that never left.”
- Dr. Tyler Wind

For Dr. Tyler Wind, the decision to come back to his hometown was a simple one. “To me, there is no place like Tappahannock,” says the orthopedic surgeon, who spent his childhood here. “I love the area, the people and the atmosphere. It made an impression on me that never left.” Beginning this summer, Dr. Wind will see patients at the new Northern Neck Bone & Joint Center.

Tappahannock’s relaxed lifestyle was the perfect complement to Dr. Wind’s ambitious upbringing as the second of Mike and Debra Wind’s seven children. All six of his siblings have created or are pursuing prestigious careers. Dr. Wind’s older brother, Michael, is an orthopaedic surgeon. His brothers, Ryan and Trevor, are lawyers, and sister, Megan, is a registered nurse set to graduate from nurse practitioner school next year. His brother, Jordan, is a senior at Hampden-Sydney College and brother, Nicholas, is in high school.

In such a large, talented family, Dr. Wind remembers how everyone pushed each other to succeed. “We were a team,” he says. “We thrived on helping our family members accomplish their goals.”

For Dr. Wind, that goal took the shape of a career in orthopaedics, a decision he credits to competing in athletics throughout his life. “I was intrigued by the training involved in sports, injuries that I suffered and witnessed, and the healing process,” he explains. Working as a physician also appeals to Dr. Wind’s desire to make a difference in people’s lives. “I have the opportunity to see people who are suffering, possibly at the lowest point in their lives, and I can help improve their situation,” he says. “It’s incredibly rewarding to give back.”

Superior Training

Dr. Wind’s career choice first took him to the University of Virginia where he obtained his undergraduate and medical degrees. He completed residency at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston. “MUSC was high on my list because of the people I would be working with and the university’s great reputation,” Dr. Wind explains. MUSC recently enhanced that reputation by being named one of the top 50 best hospitals for orthopaedics by “U.S. News and World Report.”

Following residency, Dr. Wind chose to complete fellowship training with nationally recognized physicians, including
Dr. Joseph Moskal, at Carilion Clinic in Roanoke. “I wanted to pursue a fellowship to enhance my training in many areas of orthopaedics,” Dr. Wind says. “I have worked with some of the finest surgeons in the nation learning the most
advanced techniques in joint replacement, hand surgery and sports medicine.”

His fellowship put Dr. Wind in a position to experience the best possible training in his specialty and beyond. “Dr. Moskal is one of the foremost joint replacement surgeons in the country,” Dr. Wind shares. “Working with him and the entire team at the Carilion Clinic has allowed me to perform the most difficult, demanding and cutting edge procedures available.” Additionally, Dr. Wind also logged experience working at the area’s Level 1 trauma center, creating a truly well-rounded skill set for his new local practice.

To perfect one of his first passions, Dr. Wind has worked with several well known sports medicine specialists throughout his residency and fellowship, such as Dr. T.K. Miller, team physician for VMI. “My time with Dr. Miller was invaluable,” Dr. Wind says. “I was able to learn advanced techniques such as arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, meniscus repair and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.” These and other minimally invasive techniques are often less painful and facilitate quicker recoveries compared to traditional procedures with full incisions.

Having an extensive athletic background as both an athlete and coach makes Dr. Wind unique even among orthopaedic sports medicine specialists. “My athletic background is an asset to my practice as a physician,” he shares. “I can do more than treat a patient’s injury; I can offer advice on training and analyze techniques and mechanics to help my patients avoid subsequent injuries and enhance performance.” Dr. Wind emphasizes that sports medicine is not limited to younger patients or those participating in competitive sports. “Whether you injured yourself throwing a baseball, swinging a hammer, cleaning the house or walking in the park, I can help.”

Back to the Future

Along with his wife, Ashley, and son, Tyler Wind II, Dr. Wind is now planning to return to Tappahannock, bringing these innovative techniques and treatments to residents of the Northern Neck. “I am excited to live in my hometown and care for people who I knew growing up—former classmates, teachers and families I went to church with,” he says. I’m looking forward to working with Riverside Tappahannock Hospital in expanding and enhancing orthopaedic services here in the communities we serve, so patients don’t have to travel far from home.” In preparation for Dr. Wind’s arrival, the hospital will invest substantially in the tools and equipment necessary for the most advanced orthopaedic procedures.

Dr. Wind represents one of the first surgeons in Virginia to have completed a fellowship largely focused on direct anterior hip replacements. “Dr. Moskal is one of the leading authorities on this surgery, traveling around the country to speak about the procedure,” adds Dr. Wind. Using the anterior approach, Dr. Wind is able to avoid cutting any muscles or tendons during a hip replacement—a benefit only possible through this specific procedure. “This type of hip replacement is the least invasive, which means patients can experience less pain, shorter hospital stays, less blood loss and a reduced risk of dislocation following surgery,” he explains.

In addition, anterior hip replacements lead to more accurate leg length restoration and patients suffer less trauma to the body. Adding to the already long list of benefits, Dr. Wind notes that “the vast majority of hip replacement patients are candidates to undergo an anterior hip replacement.”

For younger patients not ready for a complete hip replacement, Dr. Wind performs hip arthroscopy to treat hip pain. The surgery is similar to a knee arthroscopy and repairs or removes torn cartilage from the hip. “For many years, these patients would have to suffer through the pain for as long as they could until having a replacement,” he says. “This new procedure is a more conservative option that can postpone or even help patients avoid a hip replacement.”

Finally, Dr. Wind will also offer endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery, a relatively new option for patients that uses a smaller incision. While traditional carpal tunnel surgery requires an incision on the palm, the incision involved in the endoscopic procedure is not directly on the palm. “This procedure offers a safer surgical alternative,” says Dr. Wind. “There is less risk of complications, less pain and reduced recovery time. And because the incision allows patients to have more use of their hands immediately after surgery, we can potentially operate on both wrists at the same time.”

Riverside Tappahannock Hospital has been providing excellent orthopaedic care to the community for over 23 years. With Dr. Wind’s arrival, they are now able to expand those services with greater access and new service offerings. “Riverside is investing in the health of its patients, and I am excited to be a part of that,” Dr. Wind shares.

Dr. Wind will begin seeing patients in August 2012. For more information about the Northern Neck Bone & Joint Center, call (804) 443-8670.