Thursday, August 17, 2017  

Wallpaper Your World


Photographs courtesy of © Thibaut Inc.

For centuries, wallpaper has been a favored technique to add personal style to any room. The trend is said to have started in China where the Chinese would glue rice paper to their walls to add color and texture. In the 1600s, the French would continue the trend by adding block printing in a continuous pattern. This block pattern printing would evolve into our modern day wallpaper trends.
Wallpaper was highly functional before it became the demand of designers everywhere. In cooler climates, people would use fabric to cover walls and windows in order to keep drafts out of homes. In homes of the wealthy, the fabrics used were elaborate, decorative tapestries. This trend was popular throughout Europe and adorned the walls of palaces and castles.
Fabrics slowly gave way to more affordable paper substitutions as heating homes became more efficient and construction eliminated drafty shortcomings in primitive buildings. Today we use wallpaper to add an aesthetic appeal unmatched by any painted surface. Following current trends, you can transform a room by covering all surfaces or by simply creating an accent wall.
Choosing between painting your walls or committing to wallpaper can seem overwhelming, but knowing the benefits of choosing the best covering for your walls can help determine your best direction. Before heading into any specific direction, it would be to your advantage to talk to a professional. From style to application, wallpaper can be difficult. Professionals have the tools and the know-how backed with years of experience to help you create a style that you will love for a very long time.
Carl Johnson is a local professional that removes and installs wallpaper. He has been called on many times to step in on a project when the client has attempted a project only to see the difficulty involved. Carl says that it is not about how much you pay for the wallpaper, but rather the installation of the wallpaper that makes the difference. He has seen a lot of really expensive wallpaper installed poorly, taking away from the beauty of the print.
Carl works with many designers throughout the area and has been called on to remove wallpaper as well. He has seen many walls destroyed by people who have simply wanted to remove someone else’s do-it-yourself projects. He also says that the best prints and designer wallpaper ideas can be found through local interior designers rather than walking through bulk store isles.
Vinyl wallpapers are the most widely used on the market today because of the flexibility. It can be used in any room and comes in a wide variety of textures, styles and prints, and it washes easily. It is also easily removed, making it highly desirable for those with commitment issues. So as you look through prints and textures to add to your home, keep in mind that commitment can be temporary.
Wallpaper comes in a myriad of styles that you can choose from. Here are a few things you need to know that will help you leaf through samples as you choose your perfect wallpaper. Embossed wallpaper is vinyl that is embossed with a design. The design stands up slightly from the surface, creating a raised, textured effect. The embossed texture will help to hide imperfections on any wall and can therefore be installed over slightly damaged walls. Fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper is highly durable and is recommended for high traffic areas. The backing is made from a woven fabric and covered by vinyl. It can then be installed over smooth or damaged walls, and it can be used in any room.
Flock wallpaper uses tiny fibers, packed tightly together to form a fuzzy, velvet texture. The flock gives the wallpaper a deeper, more three-dimensional appearance that creates a rich depth to any room. This type of wallpaper is much more delicate and requires extreme care as it is not easily cleaned and cannot take much abuse.
Foil wallpaper has a polished metal backing with a printed design on the top. When using the foil wallpaper, it should be noted that the foil will highlight all wall imperfections. Therefore, all walls where you would like to apply the foil wallpaper should be in good condition and well-prepared before application. If the walls have imperfections, then it is suggested to use fabric-backed foil wallpaper so that the flaws are better covered.
Moire wallpapers are designed to have either an extreme or light visual effect based on patterns of dots or lines that create the perception of movement as the eye moves along the print. What makes this type of wallpaper desirable is that most morie wallpapers have a vinyl coating that makes them more durable. The prints and textures present with a very elegant water-silk design or more of a wood grain effect. When used in a hallway or a den, moire wallpaper makes a statement of grace and elegance because of the whisper of textures available.
Grasscloth wallpaper is a home décor element that offers unmatched visual texture for walls. Traditional or classic styled rooms can be complimented by the use of grasscloth wallpaper. Made from both natural and man-made materials, grasscloth may be made of a range of materials, including arrowroot, jute, hemp, reed, or other faux-grass type products. These materials are created through a process that uses sea grass strands and thin cotton thread adhered to a light backing of rice paper.
It is highly advisable to hire a professional when considering grasscloth for your home. Because of the rice paper backing, grasscloth requires specific pastes and installation procedures. Grasscloth wallpaper does not withstand high traffic areas or moisture, making it unsuitable for various rooms in a home.
With mid-century modern style taking center stage in many homes today, vintage wallpaper has become a very popular choice for many. From truly vintage wallpaper to recreated prints, getting the full retro look is possible. If you decide to use truly vintage wallpaper, be sure that there will be enough wallpaper to complete the project as it is no longer in production.
Some people want a texture while still needing the flexibility of choosing a specific wall color. Textured paintable wallpaper allows people to choose from a wide range of textures, but once applied to the wall it can be painted any color to create the look desired. Once applied, the wallpaper must be allowed to dry completely before paint can be applied, so be sure to allow for plenty of time for the project.
Sometimes it is not an entire room that needs wallpapering. In some cases, wallpapering one wall can make a beautiful difference a room. Wallpaper murals are a wonderful way to create a dramatic scene. A full scenic photograph can creates an optical wonder. Murals are a creative way to break up the monotony of any room.
You can also create custom murals using your own photograph or design. There are several online companies that can transform your favorite photograph or graphic into a wallpaper mural. Working with one of these online professionals, you can easily create a work of art that can be displayed in your home. Contacting a wallpaper professional in your area, you can be sure that your mural is installed perfectly.
Deciding the look and feel of your home can seem overwhelming, but being open to the idea of wallpaper can open new doors to design. Choosing the right print and style can be done with help and confidence of a local designer. Having it installed correctly by a professional will leave your guests speechless and keep you happy for years to come.