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Riverside Walter Reed Hospital
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital services Gloucester and the surrounding areas of the Virginia Middle Peninsula. Since its inception, Riverside Walter Reed Hospital has been completely dedicated to providing the best health care imaginable.The healthcare team of this hometown hospital is committed to putting patients first. And it’s this staunch promise to quality and exceptional service that sets this hospital apart.

Riverside Walter Reed Hospital delivers big-city technology in a small-town, personal atmosphere. Since this hospital provides a large range of healthcare services, members of the Middle Peninsula no longer need to make long trips to metropolitan areas. Riverside Walter Reed has top-notch doctors and cutting edge equipment to treat everything from scrapped knees to aggressive cancers. This encompassing hospital offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient services. Services offered on the main campus of the hospital include; emergency care, inpatient hospitalization, comprehensive state of the art imaging and diagnostics, surgery, cancer care, and individualized physical, speech, and nutritional therapy offered in a newly renovated rehabilitation center. Services do not end here. As part of Riverside Health System’s comprehensive healthcare network nursing home, assisted living, retirement living, home care, hospice, and behavioral health services are conveniently available to meet your health care needs throughout all stages of life. For citizens of the Middle Peninsula, there is no need to travel far for healthcare. All of Riverside Walter Reed’s services are easily accessible and conveniently located on a main campus that literally is in the center of Gloucester and at the back door of the Middle Peninsula.
The vast majority of the doctors, nurses, clinicians and support staff at Riverside Walter Reed also live in the community. That’s why, for over 30 years, Riverside Walter Reed has been known for providing “Amazing Care To Our Neighbors and Friends.” These nurses and doctors are literally taking care of their family, friends and neighbors. The citizens of the Middle Peninsula know that Riverside Walter Reed is a place where they will be cared for as if they were family.

To understand Riverside Walter Reed’s unique commitment to community, one would need to understand the history of this hospital. Instead of being founded by a major cooperation, Riverside Walter Reed was established by citizens. During the early 1970s, before the hospital was created, it was common for patients to have to drive long distances for medical treatment. Tired of seeing elderly and unwell friends and family make the long arduous trip to other hospitals, citizens decided to ban together and petition for a community hometown hospital. Soon, with the help of neighboring Riverside Hospital in Newport News, the Middle Peninsula’s first community hospital was born. For years, Riverside Walter Reed Hospital has maintained this same deep connection and commitment to the community that worked so tirelessly to establish it
Riverside Walter Reed’s general  surgeons lead the  way in the use of
minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Riverside Walter Reed has changed a lot since its inception in 1977. As advances in medicine were made, Riverside Walter Reed continued to evolve, adapt and embrace all new medical innovations. Today, this community hospital is known for using state-of-the-art technology to prevent, diagnose and treat illness and injury. Shining examples of providing the most advanced form of technology are readily seen with the Linear Accelerator installed in 2004, which provides advanced radiation treatment for cancer patients, the Open Bore MRI, installed in 2006, Digital Mammography installed in 2009, and most recently the installation of Stereotactic Breast Biopsy equipment, all of which provides physicians with the most sophisticated images available to help diagnose and treat patients.
Riverside Walter Reed’s board-certified surgeons utilize modern equipment and minimally invasive techniques to assure that the community has the best surgical services available. For example, Riverside Walter Reed’s general surgeons lead the way in the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques. They have recently adopted the advanced technique of single site endoscopic cholecystecomy for removing the gallbladder. This technique used on select patients reduces risk and hastens recovery. Equally noteworthy is the comprehensive orthopaedic and sports medicine program available to treat patient of all ages, from the young athlete requiring arthroscopic ACL reconstruction repair to the mature adult needing a joint replacement surgery. In addition to general and vascular surgery and orthopaedics, other surgical specialties offered include, Gastroenterology, ENT, Urology, Gynecology, and Ophthalmology.

Riverside Walter Reed also has an easily accessible emergency center that’s open 24 hours a day. Friendly and knowledgeable doctors and nurses work diligently, around the clock, to keep the Emergency Department running smoothly and efficiently. There is no emergency too big or small for this skilled and caring team of professionals. The Riverside Walter Reed emergency staff is trained to care for everything from a minor cold to serious injury and trauma. In the event that a patient requires treatment that the Hospital cannot provide, LifeEvac III, an air ambulance that responds within eight to ten minutes, will transport the patient to a surrounding hospital. In an emergency situation, time is critical. By teaming up with LifeEvac III, Riverside Walter Reed is able to provide the community with rapid services that saves lives. Riverside Walter Reed recognizes that illness and minor injury cannot always be planned or scheduled. That’s why in 2007 Riverside Urgent Care located at the Hayes Medical Riverside Walter Reed Hospital continued its commitment to meeting the needs of Middle Peninsula citizens by  creating the Riverside Middle Peninsula
Cancer Center...

Center near Gloucester Point opened to compliment the hospital’s emergency center and primary care network of physicians. Riverside Urgent Care does not require an appointment and is open seven days a week. The physicians and staff at Riverside Urgent Care can easily coordinate and communicate your healthcare with other Riverside Physicians through a pioneering electronic medical record that connects over 400 health care providers within Riverside’s network of dedicated physicians
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital continued its commitment to meeting the needs of Middle Peninsula citizens by creating the Riverside Middle Peninsula Cancer Center, which opened on the hospital’s campus in 2004. This state-of-the-art facility offers both radiation and chemotherapy at one location. The center’s entire design supports collaboration and coordination among cancer specialists that use all the methods available to fight cancer. These initiatives were specifically created to keep patients from having to travel to different facilities when both radiation and chemotherapy are part of their treatment plan. At the Riverside Middle Peninsula Cancer Center, the caring, compassionate staff treats cancer using equipment and protocols that parallel what is available at large academic institutions, but in a comfortable and nurturing environment that allows you to stay close to home near the support of family and friends.

The late Dr. Mark Ellis, Medical Oncologist and Medical Director of cancer services at Riverside Walter Reed, designed and implemented a vision of providing holistic care to compliment radiation and chemotherapy. Patient’s healing is facilitated and made more comfortable through the offering of complimentary services that include massage, pet and music therapy, just to name a few. These complimentary services are offered free of charge through the financial support of the Riverside Foundation
The Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center located on the hospital’s main campus successfully blends traditional fitness with preventive care by offering health improvement classes and on-site rehabilitation for cardiac and physical therapy patients. This facility is a popular social destination for the growing suburban Middle Peninsula community and is enjoyed by the employees of nearby businesses. Members of all ages and health levels enjoy the facilities many amenities, which include a variety of cardiovascular and strength-training systems, group exercise classes, basketball, tennis and racquetball courts, a generously sized pool, as well as sauna and whirlpool. The Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center is a first-class facility that provides the Middle Peninsula community with everything it needs to stay fit and healthy.

In 2006, the hospital introduced a program that assures all of Riverside Walter Reeds inpatients have a compressive and specialized treatment plan. This program focuses solely on inpatients and is known as the Hospitalist Program. This initiative insures that an Internal Medicine Physician is in the hospital and always available in a moments notice when patients need them. This program also created a routine in which doctors meet daily with the entire healthcare team to discuss, in detail, the best treatment options for each patient. This model of medical management, where the physician is readily available to review progress, treat problems, and communicate with the patient and family promotes the best possible outcome and better overall experience for patients By combining the knowledge of the entire team, the patient can be assured that they will receive the best service and treatment by a caring and compassionate staff that is committed to putting them first
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital has invested millions of dollars in equipment, emergency services, state-of-the-art imaging technology, and world-class doctors and nurses. For over 30 years, the hospital has achieved many awards and been given prestigious sanctions, like The Joint Commission’s “Gold Seal of Approval,” which recognizes the highest levels of quality care, efficiency and professionalism. However, it is not only high-quality services and awards that distinguish Riverside Walter Reed Hospital from other hospitals both near and far away. It’s the people. Every day, the entire team at Riverside Walter Reed Hospital carries out a simple mission: To Care For Others As They Would Care For Those They Love. Riverside Walter Reed Hospital feels it has been a privilege and an honor to serve the citizens of the Middle Peninsula since 1977 and will continue its legacy of providing Amazing Healthcare to its neighbors and friends for many years to come.

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about the hospital’s distinctive services. While there, take the time to read the heart warming personal stories that patients have shared of the quality care and exceptional service they have received at Riverside Walter Reed. To share your own personal story and become part of the inaugural Riverside Walter Reed Hospital “Canary Club” visit riversideonline.com/rwrh.