Saturday, July 22, 2017  

Northern Neck Burger: A Recipe for Success


One afternoon in 2013, restaurateur Jay Wolfson was relaxing on the dock of his family’s boathouse in Kilmarnock, taking in the breathtaking Northern Neck scenery, sipping an ice-cold beer and enjoying a delicious burger he cooked on his wood-burning grill. It was an excellent feeling that Jay wanted to share with others. So he called his cousin Steven Sponder, also a longtime restaurateur, and said, “Hey cuz, let’s open a seriously great craft burger restaurant with local beers and live music. We’ll be fanatic about quality, cook the burgers over a real wood-burning grill and provide people with a totally unique experience!”
That’s the moment the idea for NN Burger was born. Jay and Steven put their best ideas together and a few months later they opened the first NN Burger in Kilmarnock to a very appreciative crowd. A second location in Tappahannock soon followed and the rest is history.
It wasn’t easy winning the title of “BEST BURGER IN VIRGINIA,” they say. “It meant we had to create a burger that was not just the best, but legendary!” To achieve this acclaimed status, NN Burger starts with all-natural, steakhouse-quality ingredients in fresh (never-frozen) all-beef burgers. Then, each burger is cooked in a unique two-step process. First, they place their burgers on a real wood-burning grill to infuse an exceptional outdoor barbecue flavor. Next, they transfer each burger to a super-hot flat-top grill to instantly seal in the juices.
“We have one simple goal at NN Burger — to build the absolute BEST hand-crafted burger you’ve ever had,” say Jay and Steven. In addition to legendary burgers, they serve fresh salads, sandwiches, a large selection of decadently-topped hand-spun milkshakes, their signature ribbon-cut “Twister” potato fries, as well as local craft beers and wines. They also offer a special NN Prime menu featuring premium wood-grilled filet mignons and wood-grilled Bahamian lobster tails.
People in the Northern Neck and beyond are starting to notice. NN BURGER is proud to have been voted “BEST BURGER” in both the annual Virginia Living Magazine reader’s poll and the “Virginia Is For Food Lovers Culinary Challenge” for 2016.
Both the Kilmarnock and Tappahannock restaurants offer streamlined service in a uniquely casual, energetic, attentive setting. To top it off, they feature live music several times a week. Each location has its own professional stage equipment including microphones, speakers, mixer, monitor and even an acoustic guitar. Performers are chosen from a variety of local and regional artists.
NN Burger not only serves delicious food, the restaurant takes pride in serving its community through the “365 Days of Giving” program. Each month the company chooses a local charity to support. During that entire month, NN Burger raises money for its chosen charity by donating a portion of its proceeds from Burger of the Month sales and fundraisers. So at NN Burger ordering good food also does good works.
Jay and Steven invite everyone to experience their original NN Burger restaurant in Kilmarnock at 62 Irvington Road, or their newest location in Tappahannock at 303 Queen Street. Lunch and dinner are served every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. At NN Burger, the food and dining experience are legendary.