Wednesday, September 20, 2017  

Design Disasters
Seven Things to Avoid in Kitchen Design

Getting a new kitchen may seem like heaven, but if you commit some common kitchen-planning sins, you may spend your remodeling project in you-know-where.

What are the kitchen-planning gaffes designers for see most often?

1.Installing appliances that are too big for the space.

2. Pantry, outside or oven doors that smack you when you open them because they are too close to other things.

3. Cabinets overly embellished with corbels, columns and decorative  molding.

4. Dangerous building code violations that can be costly to fix.

5. Placing upper cabinets over an open counter.

6. Matching hardwood floors and furniture to the exact color of your kitchen cabinets, creating a visually overwhelming look.

7. Trying to save worn out or poorly designed existing cabinets by slapping on a new counter. Or, conversely, getting into the middle of a kitchen remodel, then refusing to invest the money to finish the job properly.