Tuesday, July 25, 2017  

Letter From the Publisher
Welcome Home

As the summer comes to an end, there may be a few boat trips left this year before the kids head back to school. But as the crisp, cool fall air comes in, we know these too will end soon.

At The House & Home Magazine we understand that while the summer may end, the work that goes into buying, decorating, and renovating your home is endless. We aim to give you tips that will ease the process. In this issue you will find information on detecting the signs that your roof or windows may need to be replaced. You will also find helpful information on early fall landscaping, how to best choose indoor furniture, and how to store your outdoor furniture.

Other home improvement topics include decorating your home with tile, adding lighting to your landscaping and the exterior of your home, and selecting kitchen cabinets. These home improvement topics will help those building their first home or looking to spruce up a home they have lived in for years.

One very exciting new section we have added to the magazine looks at ways to work with all of the wonderful old homes in the area. We have a story on preserving old homes in a way that ensures the structure of the home will last for years to come. Another feature article is a “before and after” of a home that was renovated to better meet the needs of the homeowners while keeping the integrity and charm of the structure in tact. A final article, on the Kilmarnock Inn, looks at how a local businessman turned a vacant historic home into luxury accommodations for those visiting the town of Kilmarnock.

We have also included two feature stories on things to do in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. One story highlights the exhibits and offerings at the Rappahannock Art League in Kilmarnock, while the other highlights the artistic cuisine offered at the Sycamore at Hobb’s Hole in Tappahannock.

We hope these articles help you along the way in homeownership, home improvement, or just give you some great ideas to use in years to come.— jlb