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Ten Mini-Makeover Ideas for Your Bedroom
Sweet Dreams
Your home is your oasis and your bedroom should be your haven. If your home is the place you can relax and unwind away from the rest of the world then your bedroom should be the place where you can unwind from the responsibilities of your home.

We live in an increasingly demanding world. One where it is not uncommon to come home from work and fix a quick dinner before heading out to take the kids to sports practice. Once back home there is just enough time to get the kids bathed, put to bed, and a load of laundry in the washer before falling asleep. We look at our homes as a place to relax, but in reality there is just as much going on once you make it through the front door as at the office. With the increase in demands at work and at home it is important that each person has a space solely dedicated to relaxing.

For some, this dedicated space may be as simple as a recliner with a television and a remote. Others will find it nearly impossible to reach their point of relaxation with the noise of the television and the images of daunting tasks surrounding them. For this reason it is ideal to create a haven in an area that can be shut off from the rest of the house: the bedroom.

These ten simple steps will turn your master bedroom from common to customized and will help bring luxury and relaxation to your place of resting. Whether you are decorating your new home or sprucing up one you have lived in for years, these tips will help take away the ordinary and create a more welcoming environment.

1 Bring calming hues into the bedroom. Try decorating your bedroom in soft neutrals, light blues, or subtle greens to create a calming oasis. The majority of your room should be decorated in these colors. Try painting the walls a putty color and having a soft green or sage comforter and curtains.

2 Use patterned throw pillows and blankets to add energy to your bedroom. These can be changed with the seasons to create different looks at an affordable price.

3 Drench the room in rich fabrics and textures. Try hanging silk curtains over the windows. Make your bed with 400 thread count sheets and cover up at night with a down comforter.
These new textures and materials will create a warm cozy environment to rest your head.

4 Switch out the simple wood trim around doors for elegant casings and add a chair rail at mid-wall height. For a look featured in four-star hotels, paint the wall below the chair rail a muted, relaxing color and use a slightly lighter shade of the same color above the chair rail.

5 Hang blackout curtains, shades, or shutters in your bedroom.  When there are no kids, animals, or alarm clocks to wake you don’t let the sun do it. Hanging blackout shades, shutters, or curtains will keep the sun from filling the room and waking you when your body has the opportunity to get much needed sleep.

6 Hang new pictures and mirrors throughout the room. Hanging mirrors will give the room added light during the day when the curtains are open. It will also give the room a larger, more open feel. Add a new large picture that will work as a focal point and break up the monotony of the neutral walls.

7 While it is tempting to have your television, computer, and even sometimes workout equipment stored away in your bedroom, don’t. This isn’t only the first rule of feng shui, it is also a good idea for creating a haven of relaxation. The rest of the house is susceptible to the outside environment, keep your bedroom sacred.

8 Create layers of lighting. While the bright overhead light may be good for getting dressed, at other times of the day it may be too much. Consider adding lamps beside your bed or installing a dimmer switch for getting ready for bed or reading before you go to sleep.

9 Get organized…in you closet. Have a custom closet installer come and fit your closet with extra storage and racks. This will make getting dressed in the morning relatively effortless. If your budget does not allow for a custom closets to be installed, many stores carry do-it-yourself closet organizers.

10 Declutter your bedroom. Remove everything from the top of your dresser or chest of drawers and nightstands except what you use on a daily basis and find a small container to store that neatly in. If you have a tendency to scatter already worn clothing throughout your room, find large, stylish wicker baskets to consolidate and conceal them. Move the baskets to a discreet location, like the closet or beside your dresser. If you find a place for everything and have everything in its place, feelings of chaos and clutter will surely melt away, leaving nothing but your relaxing oasis in their place.

Making these design changes to customize your bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The key to the changes is to make the space work better for you. Sweet dreams!
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