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L.U. Pearce Custom Building
A Profile  

When quality is what truly counts in home building, renovation customers look for more than just a snazzy logo, they look for L.U. Pearce Custom Building. Over the years Lewis Pearce, Jr. has stood behind his projects to ensure they meet not only his satisfaction, but the satisfaction of his customers.

Lewis knows that one of the key factors to having a satisfied customer is to really listen to what they expect from the project. Open communication and the use of quality products in every aspect of the project will always mean a satisfied customer. In the end, the home or remodel that started as a dream will take shape and become an actuality with happy customers not only now, but five, ten, or even twenty years down the line.

Lewis started to learn the business in his early teens by helping his father in the construction business. Later on, he helped his uncle construct large boat marinas in the area. Lewis began making customers’ dreams a reality in the early 1970s as a master electrician. A decade later, he opened his own electrical installation company, Unit Electric, to serve many commercial projects and custom residential installations.

Working as a sub-contractor in the residential field gave him keen insight to the home building process and it also peaked his interest. He decided to take the knowledge he had gained as a subcontractor and his knack for detail and open his own home building company. That is how L.U. Pearce Custom Building was born.

When Lewis decides to take on a new project his first step is to sit down with his new clients and really listen to what they would like to take from the project. He feels the first thing he should build is a relationship with his new clients. Once he has an idea of what the client is interested in he shows them similar projects he has completed to get a real feel for what aspects his new clients like and what they may be interested in that 
is slightly different.

After the conceptual aspect of the project is completed, the design phase begins. One of the first steps in the process is visiting the actual building site with the customer and laying out the location of the project. If this is a new home construction, Lewis is able to capture which views should be optimized and the scope of the desired project. Lewis has a residential home designer on staff who can not only lay out the home, but also create a 3D projection of what it will look like on the property when the building is completed. This really takes a lot of guesswork out of the design process and gives the customer an idea of how the rooms within the home will function before the first nail is struck.

Lewis’s customers can feel confident in the quality of construction from L.U. Pearce Custom Building because many hours have been spent by Lewis and his crew on learning the latest in quality construction. Not only do they monitor the quality of the products they use to ensure that they are living up to their advertised potential, but they have also spent a tremendous amount of time taking courses to make sure that their craftsmanship is up to its full potential. They have been trained on the latest in the use of engineered lumber and safe building practices. Additionally, they are certified as a Green Builder. This means they have the knowledge to build environmentally friendly homes.

There is no substitute for quality. Lewis knows this and has modeled his business on this belief. He has never been one to cut corners or to compromise. He works closely with his suppliers to make sure that he is using the best products in the market. He does all of this because he knows that the finished project will reflect on his character and the integrity of his business. Because it is his name on the line, Lewis makes sure that he is very involved in the home construction process from start to finish. He works closely with the designer and customer in the initial phases of the project and shows up regularly during the construction phase. Lewis is there for every step until the keys are handed over to the homeowner and the project is completed.

While Lewis’s building beliefs speak volumes for the work he does, the words of his clients speak even louder. Here is a letter that was recently written from one of his customers:

Dear Lewis, Kenny, Janice, Jake, Carl, Mark, and Brian:

We’ve addressed this letter to all of you because you all played such an important part in turning the plans of our house into “the home of our dreams.”

Lewis—Thank you so much for helping us find our property, giving us guidance and suggestions, providing us wonderful contacts for fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, carpets, and most of all for making sure all of your sub-contractors treated us in a very special way. It was extremely reassuring to know that, if necessary, “the buck stopped with Lewis Pearce!!!” You always made sure that things were done with integrity.

Kenny—What can we say? From the hours you spent with us drawing our plans, to listening to our questions and doubts, you were the very best. Your expertise in the building field is unquestionable; your knowledge of pricing is on the money. You have patience beyond belief, and best of all, you listened to what we wanted in a house and worked with us to make it happen. I don’t think you’d ever heard of a kennel room or a raised tub before we met you, and now you’re an expert on them!!!

Janice—You are the quietness and efficiency behind all the guys. You’re the woman who handles all the paperwork that no one else likes to do. You are delightful to interact with, we always knew our permits were filed, our certificate of occupancy completed, and all of our Ts were crossed and Is dotted. Without a doubt, we know Lewis would be lost without you.

Jake, Mark, Carl, and Brian—There are not enough good things we can say about you all. You’re wonderful workers, professional to the “enth” degree, have patience beyond belief, are willing to go the extra mile for your clients, work well together, and do a great job. You were always willing to do extra work just so “I could see what it looked like.” I’m sure you grew to hate those words when you were working on our house.

We could not be happier with our house or with the company who built it. There’s no question that if we ever build another house L.U. Pearce Custom Building will be the only people we use. If you ever need or want a recommendation or would like to bring a prospective client to see our home, please feel free to do so—it’s the very least we can do. You made building a house easy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Most sincerely,
Tyce and Evelyn Beede

L.U. Pearce Custom Building is a family owned business. Lewis and his wife, Wanda, and their three boys live in Gloucester County. Their office is based in Hayes, Virginia, but they do work throughout the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula area. Lewis is a Class A Building and Electrical Contractor. When quality counts, they are the place to turn.

To contact L.U. Pearce Custom Building, give them a call at 804-693-2481 or visit their website at www.lupearce.com.