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Window Treatments
Enhance your View  

Windows are wonderful! They frame our view to the world around us and allow the sunlight in. From the beginning of time, men and women have used window treatments of one kind or another for the very same reason we need and use them today.

Now more than ever there are a myriad of fine window treatments available to the homeowner at all price and detail levels. It is more affordable now than it has been in some time to make the most of your windows, frame your view, protect your privacy and increase your energy savings simultaneously.

Springtime is right around the corner and will bring with it renewed hopes and inspired optimism. Many of us have awaited the return of spring to take on new decorating projects or to finish old ones. There are more options now than ever before to make our decorative dreams come true, on any budget.

Today’s window treatments can be divided into three major categories:

  • solarfilms
  • hard window treatments
  • soft window treatments

Probably the least known window treatment option available to homeowners is the use of solarfilms. They are an incredibly effective agent for dealing with harsh glare from the water or rooms that collect almost unbearable heat in the summertime and remain cold during the winter. Solarfilms can address and greatly minimize the extremes that are often associated in homes with window walls, large windows and south facing exposures. When this type of heat is generated, it can be oppressive and is often difficult to cool.

Harsh light and UV rays that enter our home also bleach our floors, carpets, furniture, draperies and create a host of other issues related to intense sun exposure. If you have ever held a magnifying glass over a piece of paper when you were a child, you know the magnifying effect that glass can have on natural sunlight. Our windows often act in much the same way, by magnifying the undesirable and destructive effects of the sun. The use of a solarfilm product on your windows is like putting an SPF of 600 on your windows.

Solarfilms are virtually undetectable once they are properly installed and can improve your view inside and outside your home. They effectively filter and soften the harsh light that enters through our windows, taking the “noise out of the light.” If you have a problem with glare you can understand how noisy and distracting this can be to your overall enjoyment during certain times of the day.

With the emphasis on “green” home building and maintenance practices that feature sustainable solutions, solarfilm is a proven facilitator of reduced heating and cooling costs. This is accomplished by solarfilm’s ability to block heat causing rays, which in turn drastically reduces the amount of energy required to cool your home. The end result is noticeable energy savings and cooler ambient temperatures within your home. In the wintertime, solarfilm actually reflects the heat generated within your home back inside instead of allowing it to escape through the windows.

Below is a review and summary of the benefits of utilizing solarfilm in your home:

  • Tax credits
  • Protection of interior floors, draperies and furnishings from “tan lines” and fading.
  • Protects you, your family and friends from intense UV exposure inside the home.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Commanding views are preserved and enhanced.
  • 99% of harmful UV rays are blocked.
  • Glare is significantly reduced - objects outside the home are seen in greater detail.
  • Solarfilm is chemical resistant and scratch resistant, however abrasive materials should not be used.
  • Clean windows the same way you would unprotected windows.
  • Solarfilm has dual reflective properties.
  • Virtually undetectable when installed by professionals.
  • Films can be used with or without other window treatments, such as blinds, plantation shutters, draperies, soft shades and valances.
  • Eliminates the need to keep interior shutters, blinds and draperies closed, allowing you to enjoy your view rather than covering it up.
  • Lowers heating and cooling bills.

Solarfilms will help to protect the investment you have in your soft window treatments, fine oriental rugs, antiques or other home furnishings, giving your eyes and your home a rest from the destructive effects of direct sun or glare.
Solarfilm, Virginia is a high quality solarfilm resource in our area with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. It is a Richmond based company with local representatives in our area who will be happy to meet with you to assess how you might benefit from the use of solarfilms.

Since 1982 they have been improving the quality of natural lighting in homes throughout the Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck and beyond. To learn more about solarfilms and what they can offer you, go to www.solarfilmva.com or give them a call at 804-935-7100. They will be happy to visit with you and assess your light filtration needs at no cost to you.
Hard Window Treatments—Interior Shutters and Blinds
One of the most popular looks in cottage or coastal home décor is the use of interior or plantation shutters. They come in a variety of woods, finishes, and colors and at all price levels.

Being a hard fixture they add a sense of permanence and grand scale to your interior windows and are the ultimate cottage or coastal accessory. They offer privacy when needed and can be opened to reveal the view outside. Being as beautiful as they are functional, hard treatments have been utilized in home interiors for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and have stood the test of time. They can be delightfully fresh or traditionally elegant.

The interior shutters of the past were utilized in classic colonial, seaside or period interiors and were often quite massive, with hinges for folding opened and closed. Many period and period styled homes still utilize them today.
In a modern traditional home, plantation shutters are able to impart a classic elegance or a cottage feel to any setting, depending on your décor and choice of shutter styles and colors.

Dark woods are at home in period and traditional interiors, while the lighter woods look best in more natural and rustic interiors. Painted interior shutters and blinds are at their best in more cottage and upscale coastal homes. Interior blinds and shutters can easily stand alone as a singular treatment or blend harmoniously with other window treatments.

Soft Window Treatments
Soft window treatments such as draperies of every sort, curtains, shades and valances are the most popular and versatile of all the window treatments. Whether you are a traditionalist with a penchant for opulent fabrics and embellishments or a minimalist, there is something for everyone, in the soft window treatment category.

Draperies gracefully, decoratively and effortlessly fulfill a variety of roles in your home simultaneously. They are without question one of the most prominent features of any well-appointed room, acting as a bridge, connecting the view outside with the décor inside. They can be fully functional or stationary, depending on your preferences and what other window treatments you will be utilizing.

Embellishments such as tassels, tassel trims, gimp and braid, when used in more formal rooms, can become unifying elements by mimicking the other colors present within the room. Draperies add the finishing touch to any well-appointed interior.

There are a myriad of drapery styles to choose from. These include custom draperies, almost custom and pre-packaged window treatments. Some styles available locally include, but are not limited to:

  • Draw and stationary drapes
  • Café curtains
  • Roman, Austrian and balloon shades
  • Upholstered cornices
  • Tailored, pleated, tab, grommet and tie top draperies, curtains and valances.
  • Swags and jabots
  • Cascades
  • Casual swags
  • Rod pocket stationary panels
  • Sheer fabric drapes and curtains
  • Choices limited only by your imagination and budget.

The rods, window hardware and embellishments that you choose for your soft window treatments will take them to a whole new level and offer maximum versatility and creativity. We are fortunate in our area to have several excellent sources to go to for help when trying to decide about what type of window treatment as well as window hardware to use.

Custom Window Treatments
There are several sources in our area for outstanding custom draperies, which gives the buyer the ultimate flexibility in their choice of fabric, method of hanging and embellishments. Custom window treatments are exactly that! They are not mass-produced but made individually, with great attention to detail. Depending on the desired result, they can be as casual or as traditional as you desire. It may surprise you what you can accomplish, whether you have a large budget or a small one, when considering a custom window treatment. They are limitless in their possibilities.

Interior Innovations is located at 410 Chesapeake Drive in Whitestone and is a unique home furnishing and home accessory retailer featuring an assortment of lamps, rugs, finished “custom” draperies, fabric shades, interior blinds and shutters. On site you can envision the finished product and get a “hands on” feel of different types of draperies, fabrics, embellishments, home furnishings and decorative accessories and how they might look in your home. Nancy Meyers participated in the Christmas in Urbanna “It’s a Wonderful Life” house tour, producing lovely interiors and window treatments at Rosegill. “Interior design meets coastal ease living at interior innovations.” Nancy Meyers can be reached by phone at 804-435-1257 or by email at Nancy@interiorinnovationsva.com.

Chesapeake and Crescent, Fine Home Furnishings, is located at 24 North Main Street in Kilmarnock, VA. They are able to meet your custom window treatment needs, whatever they may be. In addition, they also offer classic slip covered and leather upholstered furnishings, custom beds and tables, fine bed linens, rugs, lamps, mirrors, distinctive photo frames, decorative accents, pillows and full service kitchen design and installation. Chesapeake and Crescent is ready to assist you with every facet of creating your well appointed home in their clean, classic style that marries fine linens and furnishings with antiques and distinctive home décor. Contact Chesapeake and Crescent by calling toll free: (888)435-8801 or by email at info@chesapeakecrescent.com. Libby Allen, decorator, is available to assist you with your window treatment and home décor needs. See more online at www.chesapeakecrescent.com.

W.F. Booth and Son, Inc., at 42 North Main Street in Kilmarnock, has been helping area customers for over 80 years, at the same location, in Kilmarnock. Whether you need hard window treatments or soft treatments, they have a vast selection of in store fabric swatches for you to choose from in their window treatment design center. Their custom interior services include: in-home consulting services, furniture for any décor, custom window treatments, custom bedding ensembles, home accessories as well as pool and patio furnishings. Contact Tim Booth at 804-435-1329, 800-543-8894, Monday through Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm or online at www.wfbooth.com

Nunnally’s in Warsaw has been a fixture in the Northern Neck for decades and offers a comprehensive selection of interior blinds and shutters, as well as “almost custom” window treatments for your home. “Almost custom” draperies and window treatments offer a customized look and feel on a smaller budget. There are hundreds of fabric swatches, drapery and shade styles, as well as coordinated embellishments to choose from in this line.

Additionally, the “almost custom on the shelf” line offers a pre-selected assortment of window treatments, starting at $30.00 per window in a limited selection of fabrics, styles and embellishments, for your home. Nunnally’s carries a vast selection of fine oriental and decorative rugs, lamps, decorative pillows, mirrors and other decorative accessories. Cindy Lloyd is available for in-home as well as in-store consultations and can be reached by calling Nunnally’s at 804-333-3210. Online you can view their website at www.nunnallys.com

Everything you need with regard to fine window treatments can be found right here, in your own “neck of the woods,” without sacrificing quality or selection. So with the return of spring, may you be blessed with every good gift and long awaited window treatments to protect and beautify your nest!