Thursday, August 17, 2017  

A Tribute to First Responders


In hindsight, there was probably no greater way to honor the First Responders in our community than by creating a photographic exhibit of them. Many times our view of policemen and firemen is fleeting. We catch glimpses of them when they fly by us, sirens wailing and emergency lights flashing. The vision is momentary and the experience is chaotic.
Dr. James McCorry, medical director of Doctors’ Hospital and Emergency Department, saw an exhibit of first responders in the emergency department of a hospital in Aventura, Fla., some years ago. When Riverside Doctors’ Hospital opened in 2013, it needed art work and he thought it would be a cool idea to do the same. It was a chance to go beyond the glimpses and create artwork of these men and women where we could stop and study them.
 In the months leading up to the opening of Doctors’ Hospital, Riverside and Dr. McCorry spent a great deal of time building relationships, coordinating protocols and training with the multitude of Police and Fire units that care for our community.
Dr. McCorry has mentioned that “People don’t know how many sub-specialties there are in pre-hospital care.” The twenty-four prints in this exhibit range from VA State Troopers, Volunteer Fire Units in Toano, an inter-disciplinary technical rescue made up of a combined Williamsburg FD and James City County FD, a water rescue unit, James City County Marine Unit and Williamsburg PD to name a few.
The full exhibit is on permanent display in the Emergency Department of Riverside Doctors’ Hospital. This last year a fifty-four print display was created for Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News. “Eventually, all Riverside hospitals will pay tribute in the same way to their local police, fire and rescue squads,” said health system spokesman Peter Glagola.